Sell wine faster

! Seize the chance as a distributor, as a wine shop or a restaurant to sell wines faster!

As a distributor / wine shop you want to offer an alternative to the established 20- or 100-point scale or the pure verbal description.

Although we have seen a radical focusing on quality in vineyard and cellar in the last decades, an approach to the content of the bottle („the message is in the bottle“) has never taken place: I get less information on a wine bottle than on a mineral water bottle. With the appearance of the QR-Code (Quick Response) this will change for the better!

For your sales promotion we developed our graphical representation A-B-C Wine Balance (wine at first sight) to convey central quality criteria and to bring you customers into your shop.

Through our website you will find adequate wines and their nearby distributors which are listed on the website of our partners (wine producer).

6  Establish small shelf posters or place the QR-code for these wines (download of our quality label and QR-code) and let the customer taste whenever it is possible.

?  In the restaurant your guests are spoilt for their wine choice.

Present them wines we have already analyzed with the wine producers. With their cellular phone or tablets (iPad and others) guests can study the diagram of the wine we highlight on our website. Maybe you will showcase wines of the month in your wine list or always put the logo or the QR-code respectively the address alongside the wine.          


Latest news

In a few weeks we will go online with our new responsive web page!

We will surprise you with a web-app who will offer you a modern and convincing help for your wine choice in the digital age.

When can you drink a mature wine with pleasure?

Determine the maturity pleasure with the help from our vertical tastingmore…  

Fingerprint or visual code

or why one has not to analyse a wine every year.

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