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You are looking for wines matching your own taste profile!

With our diagram, we accelerate your choice of wine.

Our quality label – worked out with the wineries - does not replace your own tasting. It allows you not to be spoilt for your wine choice and to taste one of our proposed wines in a wine shop, or with your preferred distributers or producers. Once convinced that our concept helps you, you will come back.

?  You are sitting in a restaurant and choosing a nice wine for your dinner.

Visit our website with your mobile phone or tablet, look for the search criteria and find wines we have already analyzed and that are presented on the restaurant’s wine list.

þ Our ambition is to present you a handful of quality wine producers in each important wine region of the world.

In addition to producers and distributors, the hotel and restaurant industry will have the logo or the QR-Code on the wine list to find faster your preferred wine. Wine shops will put little posters or the QR-Code with our wines on their shelves. Maybe you can also find our quality label on bottle cases or in wine newsletters.

Example of a quality label

You may rely on the fact that normally 4 qualified tasters analyze the wine. Contrary to the common 20- or 100-point scale or verbal description  we use aroma intensities (from 1 to 7) and axes that spotlight the harmony of the wine:

þ As soon as a wine satisfies the vertical, horizontal and diagonal sloping balance, it matches our quality criteria. We focus on a payable price segment (compare the attached price scale). The ascending diagonal balance which is promoting additional groups of aromas can be used to harmonize your personal preference.

?  You want to know more about the weightiness or the proportional distribution of the aromas in the wine.

Above each aroma picture you find details about the intensity (from 1 to 7) and the percentage concordance of the main aromas the panel chose. Of course you also will detect additional aromas in the wine which weren’t highly concordant.

?  You are looking for a light summer wine or a heavier one going well with a steak.

Notice the inner area of the diagram where we highlight the weightiness of the wine combined with its concentration and length. The details about food recommendation is a very personal approach from our own experience! It can be helpful in connection with the weightiness.

?  You want a more precise prediction of your maturity pleasure.

We resolve this in the wine business until now neglected approach to your optimal drinking maturity with vertical tastings (what does it mean: the wine is drinkable between 6 to 20 years?).

Please notice the category latest newswhere you will find the extrapolation of the maturity.

You will find more answers in the main menu and contact.

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We will surprise you with a web-app who will offer you a modern and convincing help for your wine choice in the digital age.

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