You want to popularize your wines worldwide!

?  You want to present current wines not only in national wine guides but on an international platform.

  with its internet appearance is connected all over the globe. We strive for a networking with wine producers, distributors, wine shops and hospitality industries to help the consumer in finding his best wines.

We are more up-to-date than many wine guides: After a first tasting at the winery (with the introduction to our special tasting), we examine every new vintage or bottling separately. The results are brought together in our data base and the quality label is created immediately on our website.

?  You don’t want to be extraneously influenced by any journalists.

We give you the guarantee that more professional noses can analyze a wine more objective in its basic structure. As a wine producer, you are in demand with your know-how to contribute with important climatologic and cellar information to the vertical tastings. These are important for a more precise prediction of the maturity pleasure i.e. when you personally consider the wine at its peak. Therefore we satisfy the wine better than a journalist who tastes 250 wines of Burgundy in a few days.

Tasting at Muri-Gries, I-Bolzano

?  For a long time you were looking for a good buying help for your consumer.

Our quality label A-B-C Wine Balance does not rate your wines but is searching to sound out together with you as the producer the basic structure of the wine: with aroma intensities, harmony balances and weightiness, the consumer has the ability to conciliate his wine with his taste profile and to make a pre-selection with this information.

?  You like to categorize your tasted vintages.

With our graphical presentation you have a fast access and you may see at first sight how the wine looks (looked) like. With our second focus, the vertical comparison of wines, you experience how similar wines develop during years. Thus, a snap-shot  of one quality label is incorporated into a bigger framework so that the controversial term terroir obtains a new acceptance.

Arrange a small corner in your wine letter or newsletter for our graphic representation to introduce new wines. Stick  the quality label on your bottle cases to capture rapidly the wine and to popularize our label.

                                                      bottle case (

þ  With our spider web diagram we have been working since the nineties, according to vector diagrams from the university of Davis, California (Prof. Anne Noble who created the aroma wheel).

Swiss voters have been familiar with a similar design since the 2003 poll. The association used it and offered it with European partners to the election to the EU parliament with the EU profiler ( Half a million EU citizens have filled out the online questionnaire in the first weeks which compares the political preferences with the party programs Europe-wide. Thus the picture language becomes an aid who offers additional information and is appreciated and understood.




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We will surprise you with a web-app who will offer you a modern and convincing help for your wine choice in the digital age.

When can you drink a mature wine with pleasure?

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or why one has not to analyse a wine every year.

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